We have always walked.

We spent three years walking campus together. You walked me to class. Afterwards, I walked to meet you. Our walks carried us to every destination on campus. Walking  among strangers. Walking with friends. Walking to and from events. The walks to my place were the longest. We collected my things and walked right back over to yours.

We walked to the rhythm of our stories. We walked with the beat of the truth.

Walking one entire way arguing.

Walking our way towards forgiveness.

Walking to avoid.

Walking to prove.

Walking to fix.

Walking to stay.

Walking to plan.

Walking to improve.

Walking is where we cultivated us.


When I looked in the mirror I did not recognize the woman staring back at me. I looked to my left and even you appeared to be an intruder. Another version of yourself. It was me but it wasn’t me. It was you but it wasn’t you. We changed. I was terrified by what we had authorized fear to do to our hearts. Who approved his move in? When did we allow the devil into our home? He is a devious devil. A barbaric beast. He crept in at a fragile state. He used you. He used me.
In the midst of our development, we neglected us. I had forgotten that I deserve you. I allowed fear to determine my attitude towards you. Work…school…family…life…you. My priorities were completely out of order. If I wasn’t even on the list how could we be on the list? This is what happens when you stop paying attention to the pulse. Pulse checks are absolutely crucial. Pulse checks protect against this.
I missed you. Why did I stop seeing you?
Thank you for fighting for us.
You are my dreaming partner. May we forever live in this space. May our vibes remain forever connected as we move through the inevitable changes of us.